Emotional Documentation & Heirloom Artwork of your family's most important milestones


maternity photography

for Minneapolis moms and expectant moms

Photographing your beauty in pregnancy, strength in birth stories, & perfection of your newborn

birth story PHOTOGRAPHY

For mothers  & Expecting mothers 

who want a 


 portrait experience & 

Custom heirloom artwork

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Together, we can freeze time and capture the experience of the overwhelming love you have...

Authentically capture your family's most emotional, fleeting, and precious moments that will last generations with stunning heirloom artwork! Stephanie guides families, new and seasoned, through a customer-centered, stress-free portrait experience to create their dream session, and helps them design and choose their favorite way to showcase and display their memories in their homes.

...during pregnancy, during birth, and during that moment in time when your baby is a soft, fresh newborn.
This is the deepest you've ever felt - relive it over and over again with photographs you will treasure forever in print! We serve moms and expectant moms who believe in women feeling beautiful during pregnancy, strong and supported while laboring in birth, and in the emotional connections you make when you first see your perfect newborn. 

owner and photographer at Birth Story Studio

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...tailored to your style and your home. You won't end up with just the digitals stuck on a jump drive to be forgotten or lost forever. With expert guidance, you'll select tangible, archival, and heirloom artwork of your portraits to display in your home and love EVERYDAY.

creative & custom-designed process

birth story studio specializes in a