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 Let's give them the very best! 

 Let's give them the very best! 

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 I'm so excited to meet you! I will be in touch within 48 hours. In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek through my client closet- you'll love it, I promise!

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Current business hours are:
M/W/F 9AM -3PM
Sessions are by appointment only

Your family deserves portraits that bring joy each time you experience them. 


The latest session we had together was one I was dreading so much. I have a wild child who I knew would not sit and smile nice, and I was positive entering the shoot that we would not get the pictures I so desperately wanted. Stephanie sensed my fears and was so kind and personable, she calmed the distress I was in and got pictures better than I ever thought possible. She captured our family's faces, of course, but more importantly, she captured our personalities and our love we have in our photos. There were a lot of tears when she showed me them!

I couldn't ask for a better turnout!

Best of both worlds! I love natural light, outdoor photography. It is how I started back in 2019. The way the sun hits during the golden hour is truly magical. However, I also deeply love the pristine images that can only come from the studio. There is something regal about getting your portrait done in the studio and the underlying story it tells in your eyes and posture. I love them both! You are more than welcome to choose both settings for your shoot. Book a phone call for more detail. 

Are you an in-studio photographer or an outdoor lifestyle photographer?

ABSOLUTELY! I have 3 boys....I live for the style guides and gorgeous gowns! This is something we can work on together or you can let me take the wheel and take care of it for you. Confidence and love for this time in your life are what I'm here for!

 I don't know what to wear! Will you help me style my session?

Nope! Everything is here for you. If you have a specific pose, style, color, prop, or vision, please share it and I will make it come to life. This is what makes each session so unique. I have a simple and timeless style that I work detail into for my clients. I would love to bring your dream to life! 

Do I need to buy outfits and props for my session?

Leave them to me. The studio is right in my home and has been designed with the comfort of families with newborns and small children in mind. We have a living room environment for all to relax and watch TV, snacks for everyone, and toys and games for your child to play with. This will keep them comfortable while we focus on the shoot with you (maternity) or your newborn baby. When it is their turn for pictures we bring them in and make sure to give them all the attention they want. By this time they have already gotten comfortable and are way more willing to participate. When we are outdoors, we build time into the session to get them to trust me, relax, and get comfortable. The last thing we want is to tell them to say cheese. Genuine happy faces only come from genuine interaction.
*With all that said, we do ask that if your child is feeling under the weather, you reschedule your shoot. There is no amount of baby shark or reverse psychology that will make a toddler smile if they are sick. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on creating the safest environment that we can for our studio and personal family. Keeping sickness out is the best way to prevent the spread of illness. 

I'm nervous my toddler will not behave during the session. What should I do?

I do edit and retouch images for no additional cost when the retouching is out of the client's control. Examples of free retouching: You have a blemish on your cheek, I will take care of it. Little Raymond fell and scraped his forehead before the session, I will take care of it. Your maternity bump isn't as round as you hoped it to be, I will smooth it out. However, if you can control what is in your image and choose not to and/or there is extensive work to be done, there will be a fee per image to retouch. Examples of paid retouching (not limited to this list): tattoo removal, color or pattern changes of outfits, wrinkles left on client-provided clothing, fixing/adding mani/pedicures or makeup, or tan lines. More detailed explanations are in the contract.

Do you edit and retouch my images? Does that cost more?

Oh yeah! The pictures you see on my website and social media almost always have some face swap magic. When you work with littles (or, even adults) and want to get that perfect photo, you'll inevitably need to change out expressions. I got you!

 Can you do a face swap in photoshop?

This varies depending on size, material, finishings, and packages. Come in for a consultation to see the price menu and customize your order. 

How much does artwork cost?

This depends on what you order, how much design and detail you desire, if you want expedited shipping, and the size of your order. Usually, orders are delivered within 3 weeks of the ordering appointment with the exception of birth clients. The creation of Your Birth Story Album takes more time so, birth clients can expect to receive their artwork at 6 weeks postpartum.  

How long will it take to get my artwork?

Yes, you will get the corresponding digital file with every portrait you purchase. 

Do I get digital files?

Each piece is different and comes with printed instructions as well as a quick demo from me during your delivery. 

How do I take care of my artwork?



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