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get to know Stephanie:

Stephanie Lecker is the owner and photographer at Birth Story Studio. A Maternity, Birth, Newborn, and Family photography studio serving Maple Grove, MN, and the Twin Cities area.

Authentically capture your family's most emotional, fleeting, and precious moments that will last generations with stunning heirloom artwork! Stephanie guides families, new and seasoned, through a customer-centered, stress-free portrait experience to create their dream session, and helps them design and choose their favorite way to showcase and display their memories in their homes.

With Stephanie's creative and custom-designed process tailored to your style and your home, each Minneapolis, MN photography portrait session is uniquely yours. You won't end up with just the digitals stuck on a jump drive to be forgotten and lost. With expert guidance, you'll select tangible, archival, and heirloom artwork of your portraits to display in your home.

owner and photographer at Birth Story Studio

Meet Stephanie


Hi, I'm Stephanie, thanks for taking a minute to drop in. My wonderful and supportive husband Jeremy and I have three beautiful and compassionate little boys that we love with our whole hearts! We have made a home and opened the studio in Maple Grove, MN. 

I am from this beautiful state and grew up in Minneapolis where my favorite thing to do was enjoy the outdoors on nature walks through our amazing parks in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. I have found the perfect places to just sit, undisturbed with the sounds of water and birds surrounding me. This is my favorite pastime, although now, it isn't so quiet as the three little guys I mentioned earlier share the love of the outdoors too and loooooove being crazy, as all kids do. :)  

Having three littles of my own, I have been through it all, just like you, Mama. The sleepless nights, the sick babies, the whining that never ends, and the snuggles and wet kisses you would trade anything just to have more of, all of it! I have been photographing children professionally since 2019 after my second son was born, but I have loved photography since I can remember. 

Quality to last lifetimes! 

I have spent thousands of hours learning the ins and outs of photography principles, practicing newborn photography safety techniques, mastering posing with small children, becoming an expert in photoshop, curating museum-quality art products, and custom designing the perfect studio or outdoor photography session for you because I, personally, value the assurance I get when a job is well done.

All the artwork I provide is of the highest quality, making sure the archival paper and inks do not fade or discolor over time. Your memories will be preserved for 200+ years when stored in your personalized protective box and 100+ years continually exposed to light. I am passionate about providing you with tangible memories, not just digitals to corrupt over time (the sad truth is, all digital files will corrupt eventually).

Making my client family feel proud that they have taken the right steps to secure their precious moments is the reason I do this. Your family deserves this! 

I cannot wait to get started on your project! 

With love, 


Stephanie did a phenomenal job working with our family! The whole experience was very relaxed and fun, and she made it very fun and easy for our 3-year-old! I appreciated how she captured sweet, candid moments of our family during the session. I would highly recommend her for family photos, especially with young children!

Stephanie did a phenomenal job!

To create really beautiful images of their emotional experiences throughout pregnancy, birth, and growing a family so that my families can hold on to those memories for generations.

emotional experiences


To follow up with them so they know I care about them and their children.

Creating connection


To educate clients on the importance and longevity of printing quality artwork. 

Empowering by educating


Guide them to the art products that best suit them for superior viewing within their homes and as immediate gifts to family or gifts to their children and their grandchildren in the future. 

Personalized support


To create a stress-free environment for safety, comfort, and a luxury experience. 

Stress-free service


Core values


 she definitely knows how to capture the moments.

Let's work together

Let's give them the very best! 

Your portraits are unique pieces of your life right now, but someday you'll want to look back and remember everything as a whole. There is no better way than to have your memories preserved in artwork! Your children and grandchildren will look at these one day as a tangible, visual representation of how much they're loved! 

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