Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023

She’s a fighter!

That’s what you say when someone gets the diagnosis of breast cancer. It’s an all too familiar portrait of women. The vision of her doing manual labor and sweating out all her fluids to reach the top of an ever-increasing mountain. She pushes and pushes and finally reaches what might just be the top just to hear that she’s out of remission and at the bottom of the mountain. So, she gets back up and starts fighting again….

She is strong even when she’s so weak.

She is courageous in the face of the unknown.

She keeps smiling in front of her kids and friends so THEY don’t panic.

I want to meet her! I want to SEE her! I want to show her, she is beautiful!

Do you know a woman who has survived breast cancer? I want to host a photoshoot illuminating her strength! I want her to feel strong and courageous because SHE IS!

I am looking to photograph survivors of breast cancer at this time. Nominations will be accepted from now until Friday, August 28th, 2023 to allow us to set up a shoot within the month of September.

This is a FREE photoshoot for your loved one. All profits from this shoot will be donated to Hope Chest for Breast Cancer, an organization that supports Minnesota families suffering from Breast Cancer.

To nominate or donate, please fill out this form and tell me you are from this blog post. You will be contacted within 48 hours with more details.







Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023

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Your portraits are unique pieces of your life right now, but someday you'll want to look back and remember everything as a whole. There is no better way than to have your memories preserved in artwork! Your children and grandchildren will look at these one day as a tangible, visual representation of how much they're loved! 

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