What’s in my Doula bag?

Picking out what you bring to a birth is highly individual and personal. Most doulas will bring what they think works well in labor. Some bring a ton of essential oils and others bring the bare minimum of chapstick and a hot pack.

I like to bring more than I think I鈥檒l need, but not too much as to look like I just moved in. I’m the kind of chick that LOOOOVES BAGS! For real, I have soooooo many and I need to figure out what to do with them all, but anywhoooo…

I tend to keep things organized with the bag within a bag method. So, I’ll have my duffle bag with a diaper bag-esque type of container full of client stuff and a small tote for my stuff.
I’ll always grab my camera bag-just in case馃槈

All of this gets shoved in a corner somewhere out of the way and only gets pulled out if needed. There’s no need for all your stuff plus all my stuff to be all over the place. It’s best to be nice and discrete.

Here is a list of what goes in my doula bag to help you in labor.

路 Birth Boot Camp! I bring my relaxation & visualization booklets with me so you know I鈥檒l have what you need to center yourself. I also bookmark the labor stages and variations of labor portion of the comprehensive class outline. If you have taken that class, you will have that too. This gives you a reference point to make informed choices for your health care.
路 My cell phone- I have calming music and some of your favorites from our birth plan visits!
路 Chapstick-this is brand new for you to keep
路 Rebozo for labor positioning and pain relief
路 Quick sugar-honey sticks or maple syrup
路 LED tea lights (20)
路 Hypoallergenic massage oil
路 Baby wipes
路 Hot/cold pack (2)
路 Eye mask
路 TENS unit
路 Peppermint EO for nausea
路 Facewash towelettes
路 Tennis balls for massaging
路 Quart sized baggies (super helpful when you have garbage and no garbage can)
路 Hand Sanitizer
路 Extra masks in a baggie

Here is the list of the things I like to bring for myself.

路 Travel pillow and blanket
路 Chapstick
路 Coffee Creamer-my own blend
路 Fresh pair of clothes
路 Hairbrush/toothbrush
路 Mints-no gum as to NOT be distracting
路 Water bottle
路 Chargers-phone, computer, camera
路 Computer to edit pictures during down time/note take for your labor
路 Snacks- nuts and fruit, cheese stick, energy bar, something low odor
路 Earbuds/plugs
路 Eye mask

So, there it is folks! All the things I will have available to you during your labor. If you have a suggestion or want to add to the list, let me know and you might just see the list grow!

What’s in my Doula bag?

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